if anybody asks me why i hate men, i’m just gonna redirect them to this post.

it’s pretty fucking obvious that men only want to invest in breast cancer research to further degrade, objectify, and jerk off to body parts they already feel 100% entitled to. that’s what is at stake for them. 

what about the women whose “tatas” weren’t saved? how must they feel being surrounded by awareness ads that focus more on keeping women’s sexy-sexy-titties-to-continue-titillating-the-males than saving real life human beings and helping survivors? 

If anyone’s wondering, those posts came from here. It’s a forum for breast cancer support. Give it a read, and you’ll see how many women are outright abandoned by their husbands, sometimes after being married for decades, because their “tatas” couldn’t be saved.

:( :( :( :(

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I have no husband (Christine Daae monologue)


Christine Daaé’s monologue “I have no husband” (aka Christine Daaé is a BAD ASS) from The Phantom of the Opera

I really wanted to record another monologue from Phantom, so here it is! 

Translated by fdelopera

Artwork by elf-in-mirror

Music: “The Dragon’s Heartbeat” by Randy Edelman

I chose to feature Elf’s artwork for this because I think it really captures Leroux!Christine’s spirit, especially in this piece (even though acersecomic's art is both fitting and hilarious as well). The text, again translated by Caitlin, is below. Enjoy!


"That is a pledge that I do not ask of you, and it is a promise that I shall not make you! I am a free agent, monsieur de Chagny; you have no right to control my actions and I will ask that you desist henceforth. As for what I have done during the past fortnight, there is only one man in the world who would have the right to demand that I give him an account: my husband! Well, I have no husband, and I shall never marry!”

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